Customs Clearing

Customs clearance can be a long and frustrating process for those?not in the shipping industry. That’s why smart importers use a licensed,?professional customs broker to clear imports from customs. For?clearing and delivery, Addax Cargo is expert at quickly classifying?imports and getting the duty rates paid in full. Addax Cargo settles?duty payments on customer’s behalf, and obtain a release for the?goods.

Addax Cargo simplifies, speeds-up and eliminates the hassles of the?custom clearing process for importers to save their time so they can?focus on next profitable steps/activities or plans for their imports.


Addax Cargo also provides customer with warehouses and?distribution services at the most cost effective, fast and reliable?services.

Door to Door Services

For all couriers and cargo, Addax Cargo offers global door-to-door?express 24 hours delivery service and standard service.


With wider range and diverse product knowledge in the market trade?and commerce, Addax Cargo offers the best solution and service for?clients product needs from sourcing locally and abroad, sampling,?quality control, purchasing, importing/exporting, warehousing and/or?speedy door-to-door delivery at lesser cost.